We will make you both shine.

With the aisle bathed in soft light, the chapel’s understated ambience is highlighted
by the beautiful simplicity of natural wood.


    A chapel with warmth in its simplicity.
    The soft lighting highlighting the significance of the aisle will embrace the bride’s entrance, the moment when her mother lowers the bride’s veil, and the happy couple as they stand before the altar.


    The chapel’s simple appointments enable us to arrange it in accordance to your wishes. Feel close to your guests and the warmth of their blessings.



A Uniquely Kyoto Wedding

If you want something different, such as the beautiful solemnity
of a traditional shrine in a temple wedding, we will help you achieve that dream.
The following are just some of the Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples
in Kyoto that we partner with, so please feel free to ask for details.

  • Toyokuni Shrine

  • Shimogamo Shrine

  • Heian Shrine